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Cake and Prizewinners at Naphill Riding Club’s 40th Anniversary AGM

Posted on Monday, December 2, 2013 by Heather Dodd

The Fortieth Annual General Meeting of the Naphill Riding Club took place on Tuesday 12 November 2013 in Longwick Village Hall.  Over sixty members attended and enjoyed a ploughman’s supper before the AGM began.

The Chairman, Martin Liggins, in his annual report, said that the club had had another very successful year with membership increasing and members taking part in a variety of events, such as trail rides, members shows and dressage as well as Area Riding Club qualifiers where members had qualified for the championships.

The club has acquired many lovely cups and trophies which were presented to members for their various achievements during the year.

Apollo Shield (trail rides) Lucy Brown

Club Dressage series overall winners:

Walk and Trot: Nici Bailey, Prelim:  Kathy Bristow, Novice: Jo Cheese

Futter Endeavour Cup (most improved) Angela Chignall

Sommerholder Trophy (most points gained over the year) Kathy Bristow

Kelly Memorial Cup (best turnout) Sue Molloy

Wilkinson Rose Bowl (helping) Jenny Bowie

Committee Cup Janet Bayley

Phil Tietjen Trophy(horse of the year) Spot – Merryn Polley

Barbara Tietjen Trophy (veteran horse of the year) Melanie Brown

Misbourne Shield Alison Pitcher

Josh for Fun Cup (Milton Keynes Camp) Colette Bassinder

The Trish Smith Cup (funniest event) was awarded to Adrian Reynolds for his entertainment at the Naphill Riding Club annual trip to Norfolk.

Members who qualified for championships were presented with keeper trophies.

President, Pat Fowler, thanked the committee for their efforts during the year and particularly Martin Liggins, the outgoing Chairman, for his hard work in leading the club forward.  Martin had served his three years as Chairman and therefore had to stand down – he needed a well earned rest!

Pat Fowler then presided over the forming of a new committee and the appointment of the new Chairman.  Members were pleased that Alison Stenning was willing to take on the mantle of Chairman and was voted in unanimously by the members.

Gifts were presented to the outgoing committee members as a thank you for all their hard work and commitment whilst on the committee.


The evening was rounded off with members celebrating forty years of the Naphill Riding Club and Martin Liggins cutting the birthday cake.

Leighton Buzzard Stanbridge & District Riding Club Show, 4th August 2013

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013 by Heather Dodd

Report and photos by Caroline Hamilton.

The Leighton Buzzard Stanbridge & District Riding Club (LBSDRC) held their first summer show on 4th August and the day was very well attended.

The club was delighted to welcome international judge Joan Lewis (who regularly judges at HOYS) to their showground and she judged some of the in hand and ridden classes.  Joan also used to help the club back in the good old days.

The club received sponsorship from Buff headwear and the winners were given headwear as prizes for jumping the gymkhana and some of the showing classes, for the working hunter class the riders had a chance to win Bailey’s horse feed vouchers, Oak house tack shop donated horse treats and grooming combs for the little tots classes and Westrope Brothers From Eaton Bray sponsored a ring.

alison wooderson laurtom lazarc1 for Central Horse News
Alison Wooderson with Laurtom Lazarc

CJHL4023 brian combe castlerise jack for Central Horse News
Brian Combe and Castlerise Jack

CJHL4457 india wheeler on tetcott paper boy for Central Horse News
India Wheeler on Tetcott Paper Boy

CJHL4507 katie pratt swift for Central Horse News
Katie Pratt with Swift

CJHL4659 emma macutchen on amigo for Central Horse News

Emma Macutchen on Amigo

Below: Other class winners with their rosettes and prizes

CJHL4595 Leighton Buzzard Standbridge RC Show for Central Horse newsCJHL4398 Leighton Buzzard Standbridge RC Show for Central Horse newsCJHL3308 Leighton Buzzard Standbridge RC Show for Central Horse newsCJHL3260 Leighton Buzzard Standbridge RC Show for Central Horse news


Class 1   55cm jumping 1st Sian Kalabza – Tilly 2nd Lucy Courtenay –Cider 3rd Taryn Capp –Freddie 4th Ben Barton – Golden Brook

Class 2    60cm jumping  1st Charlotte Sabatier –Mistic Surprise 2nd Sian Kalabza –Tilly 3rd Ben Barton –Golden Brook 4th Jake Barton –Squirt 5th Lucy Courtenay –Cider 6th Eleanor Butler –Lewis

Class 3   70cm jumping 1st Ellie –Jane Kerr –Paddy 2nd Hadley Clarke –Sidney 3rd Rebecca Dolling –Murphy 4th Paige Burford –Bella 5th Ben Barton –Foxy 6th Charlotte Sabatier –Mistic Surprise

Class 4   75cm jumping  1st Ellie-Jane Kerr –Paddy 2nd Marion Gore –Sovereign 3rd Louise Mackie –Charlie 4th Gemma Soper –Kash

Class 5   80cm jumping 1st Annabel Travers –Billy 2nd India Wheeler –Tetcott paper boy 3rd Sarah Lee –Harry

Class 6   90cm jumping 1st Annabel Travers –Billy 2nd Sarah Lee – Harry

Class 21 pole poppers 1st Ruben Smith – Valentino 2nd Ruben Smith –Billy 3rd Poppy Jackman –Paddy

Class 22 lead rein  leapers  1st Ruben Smith –Billy 2nd Ruben Smith valentine 3rd Charlie Doe –Blue 4th Poppy Jackman –Paddy

Class 23 Happy Hurdlers 1st Jodie-Mae Brown –Dukeshill Chipolata 2nd Jodie-Mae Brown –Magri Jacobs Creek 3rd Bea Wheeler-Samavic

Class 24 Nursery stakes 1st Jodie-Mae Brown –Magri Jacobs Creek 2nd Emma Dean –Sasha 3rd Charlie Doe –Blue 4th Taila Clarke –Stewart

Class 31 W/H Pony 1st India Wheeler –Tetcott Paper boy 2nd Katie Reid –Menai Marmot 3rd Libby Bunyan –Squirrel Nutkin 4th Elena Ray –Harlows Goldmine 5th Alice Wilson –Tinkerbel 6th Sian Kalabza –Guy

Class 32 W/H Horse  1st Emma Macutchen –Amigo 2nd Sarah Claridge –Sorcha 3rd Sarah Claridge –Molly

Class  33 Pony Judge most like 2 take home  1st Ruby Mutch –Foxy 2nd Maisie O’Neill –Timberland 3rd Emily Clarke –Duncan 4th James Deane –Bluey 5th Corenne White –Hellawi Amber Star

Class 34  Softest Nose 1st Corenne White –Hellawi Amber Star 2nd Emily Clarke –Duncan

Class 35  Cheekiest Pony 1st Ruby Mutch –Foxy 2nd James Deane –Bluey

Class 41 Best Turned out 1st Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman 2nd Louise Goss –Ravenstone Lad

Class 42 First Ridden 1st Izzy Partridge – Thamesbrook Sinatra 2nd Bea Wheeler –Samivic Tallisman

Class  43  Leading Rein 1st Libby McStraw –Wyebrook Ria  2nd Jodie-Mae Brown –Dukedhill Chipolata

Class 44 1st Elena Ray – Harlows Goldmine 2nd Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman 3rd Izzy Partridge –Thamesbrook Sinatra

Class 45 Most Stylish Rider 1st Louise Goss –Ravenstone Lad 2nd Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman 3rd Izzy Partridge –Thamesbrook Sinatra 4th Charlie Linney –Murphy 5th Poppy Heading – Bobby of DRS 6th Mhain Coull –Charlie of DRS

Class 46 Show Pony 1st Libby McStraw –Bryngwennol Lianna

Class 47 Family Horse/Pony 1st Kate Sullivan –Tywloch Flash Jack

Class 48  PC or Riding Club Pony 1st Maisie O’Neill –Timberland 2nd Taila Clarke –Stewart 3rd Izzy Partridge –Thamesbrook Sinatra 4th Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman

Class 49 Ridden Coloured  & Odd Coloured 1st Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman 2nd Emma Macutchen-Amigo 3rd Maisie O’Neill –Timberland 4th Ella –Honey

Class 51 Young Stock 1st Sophie Howes –Wally 2nd Alison Wooderson-Laurtom Lazarce 3rd Brian Combe –Castlerise Jack 4th Gayle Finnis –Cislane Implant 5th Lynda Howes –Castlerise Winomina 6th Andy Harvey –Wylderswoade

Class52 In hand veteran 1st Jasmine Chavda –Cusop Just in Time 2nd Katie Pratt –Starsky 3rd Eleanor Sturgess –Sedum May 4th Lucy Moriarty –Sky 5th Claire Harland –Miss Daisy 6th Charissa –Augustus Sandman

Classs  53 In Hand M/M Large 1st Lorraine Benesch –Parc Roberto 2nd Corenne White –Henfynyw Sionyn 3rd Katie Pratt –Swift Ashley 4th Fleur Churchman –Zac 5th Kate Sullivan –Tywloch Flash Jack 6th Gayle Finnis –Cislane Implant  Small 1st Jennifer Saunders –Magri Jacobs Creek 2nd Linda Dawson –Frithsdene Kestrel 3rd Georgia Benesch –Cambrica Shaylee 4th Francesca Maslin –Dukeshill Chipolata 5th Sophia Knapp –Popsicle 6h James Deane – Bluey

Class  54 Best Condition  Grass kept 1st Jennifer Saunders –Magri Jacobs Creek 2nd Corenne White –Henfynyw Sionyn 3rd Katie Pratt –Starsky 4th Francesca Maslin –Dukeshill Chipolata 5th James Deane – Bluey 6th Poppy Heading –Bobby of DRS  Stabled 1st Fleur Churchman –Zac 2nd Chrissa Botha –Augustus  Sandstorm 3rd Eleanor Sturgess –Sedum May 4th Linda Dawson –Frithsdene Kestrel

Class 55In Hand Coloured 1st Brian combe –Castlerise Jack 2nd Chrissa Botha –Augustus Sandman 3rd Karen Parsons –Inca 4th Linda Howes – Castlerise Winomina5th Eleanor Sturgess –Sedum May 6th Lynda Rolliston –Kaya

Class 56  Hunter Horse/Pony 1st Sophie Howes – Wally  2nd Lynda Rolliston – Kaya  3rd Katrina Coppola – Harry

Class  57 Pure & Part Bred Arab    Pure bred 1st E. Drewett –Jas Mercuary  Part bred  1st Sophie Howes –Wally

Class  58  Riding Horse / Pony 1st Jasmine Chavda –Cusop just in Time 2nd Katrina Coppola –Harry 3rd Kate Sullivan  -Tywloch Flash Jack 4th Lynda Rolliston – Kaya

Class 59 Best Child Handler  10 and under 1st Jodie-Mae Brown –Dukeshill Chipolata 2nd James Deane –Bluey 3rd Ella –Honey   11 to 16s 1st Katie Pratt –Swift Ashley 2nd Fleur Churchman –Zac  3rd Leah Yorston –Harry

Class 61Riding horse  1st Caroline Purse  -Madam Butterfly  2nd Lynda Rolliston –Kaya

Class 62  Ridden Cob 1st Sharon McAllister – Maggie  2nd Kelly Sergent – Otmoor Peace Train

Class 63 Riding Club Horse 1st Louise Goss –Ravenstone Lad  2nd Sharon McAllister Maggie

Class 64 Ridden M/M 1st Bea Wheeler –Samavic Tallisman  2nd no name 3rd Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sand Man 4th A. Highnam –Willoway Pipe Dream 5th Kate Sullivan –Tywloch Flash Jack

Class 65 Ridden Veteran  1st Claire Harland –Miss Daisy  2nd Rebecca Dolling – no name 3rd Libby Bunyan –Squirrel Nutkin 4thSopie Claridge – Sorcha 5th Abigail Harris –Topper

Class 66 Show Hunter Pony  1st India Wheeler –Tetcott Paper Boy   2nd Libby Bunyan –Squirrel Nutkin 3rd Izzy Partridge –Thamesbrook Sinatra  4th Libby McStraw –Wyebrook Ria

Class  67  Ridden Hunter Deonne Partridge – Saphire 2nd Emma Macutchen –Amigo  3rd Sophie Claridge – Sorcha  4th Sarah Claridge –Molly

Class   68  Ridden Arab / Part Bred  1st Rebecca Sullivan –Oakhouse Mister Sandman

Gymkhana Champions  Group A 6yrs and under Champ Ruben Smith & Billy reserve Ashton Soper & Smokey next to best JodieMae Brown & Chippy

Group B 7 to 10yrs  Champ Charlotte Sabatier & Misty  reserve Hollie How  &Toffie  next to best Taryn Capp & Freddie

Group C 11 to 14yrs Champ Sian Kalabza & Tilly  reserve Sophie Howes & Eddie  next to best Lucy Moriarty  & Star

Group D Open Champ Sian Kalabza & Guy  reserve Carly (wellwick team) & Max  next to best Angela Feore & Texas

Champion of Champions Sian Kalabza & Tilly reserve Sian  & Guy Next to best Ruben Smith &Billy


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