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Illnesses in Horses written by Katie O’Thy of Yoma Ltd

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2019 by Heather Dodd

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Illnesses in Horses

written by Katie O’Thy of Yoma Ltd

The recent outbreak of equine flu has been detrimental to our horses, causing huge problems for the racing industry particularly. Only now after 6 days of shutdown, do we see a managed return to racing for trainers – with this return involving just the horses that have been vaccinated against the virus in the last 6 months. Very similar to human flu, the equine flu is highly contagious and is mainly spread through close contact with others with the disease. Affecting the respiratory system, potentially leading to infections, the flu can prove fatal to young or unhealthy horses.

With concern for our horses in mind, this post considers three other common illnesses which can affect their health and livelihood.

Equine Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Equine Arthritis refers to the inflammation and subsequent permanent damage in horse’s joints. It can be caused by an acute injury or gradually over years of work, and if left untreated can lead to osteoarthritis, where the exposed bone of the joints can grind. Unfortunately, this illness is irreversible, meaning it can only be treated not cured. Common treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and joint supplements. Without excessively exercising your horse, it is also helpful to keep it moving to promote flexibility and to keep their hooves trimmed.


Horse colic is a condition causing abdominal pain with four main variations differing in severity. The two most common of the four are ‘impaction’ and ‘spasmodic’. Impaction colic occurs where a there is a blockage in the intestine or where the gut is stretched due to dry or course feed. Spasmodic colic refers to increased intestinal contractions caused by the build up of gas. You can treat horse colic with products from Spillers, and although colic can be hard to prevent, some measures can be taken, such as ensuring your horse always has access to fresh, clean water and roughage.


Laminitis is a disease involving the breakdown of the bond between the distal phalanx (coffin bone) and the hoof wall. This illness is common and can be devastating to a horse’s health. It generally affects the front two hooves but can occur in all four. It can be caused by a number of factors, such as diet, Cushing’s disease, trauma to the feet through excessive riding and jumping, or if an injury has been inflicted in one foot, the other may be likely to develop laminitis. If you are concerned that your horse may be suffering, you should call a vet immediately and follow their treatment advice – this will probably involve moving the horse to a smaller bedded stable. To prevent laminitis occurring, a horse’s diet should be monitored, ensuring that a healthy weight is maintained.

Hopefully this article will provide an insight into illnesses to be considered when caring for a horse or pony. If you have any concerns regarding your horse’s health, it is important to seek professional advice as soon as possible, in order to prevent any possible deterioration.



Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 by Sasha Melia

The British Breeding Stallion Event 2019 will be held on at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on the NEW DATE of Saturday 16th March, in association with Competition Stallions and sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds.  This unique event brings together the very best stallions standing in the UK today, giving mare owners and the wider public an opportunity to see stallions perform in the arena as well as having access to the stable area.  Studbooks and breeding organisations will be among the variety of trade stands providing a wealth of information to breeders.

Organiser, Jane Skepper, a director of British Breeding, has a wealth of experience in breeding and competition horses. A qualified AI technician who runs her family’s Heritage Coast Stud, Jane launched the Competition Stallions Guide in 2012.  “This event has become a popular and regular fixture in the equestrian calendar, and the 2019 event is all set to be bigger and better than ever.  After the success of our first event last year, we have a had a huge response from stallion owners wanting to show their horses”, explained Jane.

The 2019 British Stallion Event will feature over 60 stallions, with high profile horses from a number of top studs including Catherston Stud, Future Sport Horses, New Priory Stud, Weston Warmbloods and Woodlander Stud. Among the stars due to attend are Britannia’s Mail, Escape Z, Integro, Ramiro B, Timolin and Woodlander Double Bubble.

The event was run under new management last year as part of the British Equestrian Federation’s transfer of British Breeding to the new management group.

New introductions include presentations and displays that will take place during breaks.  The facilities at Addington offer visitors several options to ensure your comfort, including a VIP ticket with morning coffee, full carvery lunch and afternoon tea all available in the warm comfort of the VIP lounge overlooking the international arena.

All the stallions will have their turn to show their paces in the arena and will then be available for visitors to see in the stables.  Nothing beats the opportunity to meet the stallions in the stable to evaluate their quality and conformation and determine if they would complement your mare.  Stallion owners and handlers welcome the opportunity to show their horses in the stable environment and talk to mare owners.

Organiser, Jane Skepper, said “We are delighted to have received such a positive response from stallion owners.  Some of the stallions will be shown alongside their progeny, which is always fascinating to watch and will make a great show”.

The event will also feature the Competition Stallions Awards, recognising the top British based sires of progeny assessed by the British Breeding Futurity Evaluations in 2018.

Advanced tickets are £15 per person, or £45 for the VIP package.  For ticket sales, visit www.british-breeding.comBB stallion event 2019 ad

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