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FREE KBF99 Anti-bacterial Grooming Brushes when you Subscribe

Posted on Saturday, May 31, 2014 by Heather Dodd

KBF99 face and Dandy brush

Subscribe to Central Horse News magazine during June 2014 and we’ll send you a set of two anti-bacterial brushes (Long Dandy brush and Face brush worth £20) which are clinically proven to kill bacteria and fungus without the use of chemicals.

The products will assist in the prevention of infection and reinfection of: Strangles, Ringworm, E.coli and Mycotoxins. Together with good stable management KBF99 products can lessen the chances of the diseases being transmitted from horse to horse. These revolutionary brushes are made with the KBF99 additive incorporated, which was tested at Coventry University and effectively killed 99.99% of the bacteria/fungus test culture (Strangles, Ringworm and E.Coli).

Customers have also reported excellent results against Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Scurf and Thrush.

International Event Rider Jeanette Brakewell is a fan of the KBF99 products and has said “The grooming brushes in my opinion are perfect – not too hard, not too soft. Their anti-bacterial properties give me peace of mind that the horses have extra protection against illness and disease”.

Prices start from just £2.00 and products are available in a range of colours. The KBF99 additive is effective for a minimum of three years and all products feature a best before date.

For more information on the range, contact: Vale Brothers Ltd Tel: 01239 614648 or visit:

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Or – call the Central Horse News office on 01869 337993 quoting KBF99 Brushes Subscriber Offer.

*while stocks last.

FREE Grangers Rubber Boot Care when you Subscribe

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 by Heather Dodd

Subscribe to Central Horse News What’s On magazine during May 2014 and we’ll send you a bottle of Grangers Rubber Boot Care to have your wellingtons and rubber boots looking like new again.

The new product designed to clean rubber boots

With event and festival season just around the corner, wellington boots are the current go-to choice of footwear. But with continuous wear, rubber boots can lose their shine, making expensive wellies look dull and unattractive.

Brand new and the only product of its kind on the market, Granger’s Rubber Boot Care, cleans away dirt and restores the original shine of wellington boots.

Suitable for premium and budget wellies, the unique formulation restores natural rubber boots to their original state by removing the “bloom” (the white surface haze that can occur on rubber boots when stored), which traditional cleaning products cannot achieve.

Retailing at £5.99 for a 150ml bottle, Rubber Boot Care:

  • Effectively removes dirt
  • Restores the natural shine of rubber
  • Removes white “bloom”
  • Helps to maintain durability and longevity of rubber boots

For more information, visit

Click here to Subscribe to CHN What’s On, and get your Free Grangers Rubber Boot Care

Or – call the Central Horse News office on 01869 337993 quoting Grangers Rubber Boot Care Subscriber Offer.

*while stocks last.

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