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Heavy Horse Finds Fabulous Home in Henley with Stunt Riders

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 by Heather Dodd

“Thank you very much for all of your help. The site has been very well thought out and is excellent, as were the quality of the enquiries. Belle is looking so fit and well and looks like she has been here with Glenn and April forever, they always send me photos to let me know how Belle is getting on which is super.” So says Linda, owner of Belle.

Belle story Horses4Homes for Central Horse News
Linda approached Horses4Homes a short while ago as she felt she needed to find a special home for her pure bred Comtois mare called Belle. Belle was incredibly special to Linda and she was understandably hesitant to take the plunge to try and find her a loan home but felt reassured by the safety mechanisms offered by Horses4Homes. On the very day of being listed Linda received her first application and by the end of a week she had received in total 17 applications for her beautiful mare and many additional enquiries besides.

At first this overwhelmed both Linda and the Horses4Homes team as they did not expect the heavy horse standing at 16.2hands and almost 2 tonnes in weight to be so popular, maybe in part it is a reflection of a growing trend of riders being heavier and as such requiring a bigger sturdier steed to carry them.

Linda assessed each application in turn and rejected those which did not have on offer the specific requirements in a home that she was searching for. Linda was steadfast in her desire for Belle to go to a home where the people were experienced in handling and bringing on heavy horses and where Belle could be kept at their home.

After a couple of weeks Linda settled on Glen and April from Henley. They have their own land, some 30 acres in the beautiful Henley countryside. They are experienced with heavy horses and it is a home come true for Linda. They even do stunt riding for events which is very exciting and Belle does not seem to object.

If you have a horse in need of a special loan home, you may like to consider Horses4Homes as it offers a unique safe mechanism by which to find the most suitable homes possible.

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