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Put together an Effective Showing Kit

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2014 by Heather Dodd

Choosing products and using them wisely….

By Sarah Turnbull of Supreme Products

Supreme Products Jerome 030 for Central Horse News
One question I am often asked is how to cut costs when producing ponies and horses for competition. In today’s economic climate, this is an understandable question but one thing we should all be aware of is that in order to cut costs, one shouldn’t cut corners.

My absolute ‘pet hate’ is to see people using Baby Oil to highlight a horse’s features or coat. Baby Oil could cause damage to the skin as it is not designed for use as an animal highlighter – it doesn’t contain any UV protection and could cause burning or scarring. Animals are as susceptible to the sunshine as we are, so this is a product that definitely should be avoided.

Using products designed to do the job means that you actually use less of them, and products should always be used sparingly – you achieve a much better effect.

Remember the adage that ‘less is more’.  There is nothing worse than seeing an animal in the ring that is literally dripping with product.  This is not what the Judge is looking for and you may be marked down because of it.

A balanced feeding, exercise and grooming regime will give a healthy-looking coat and this should be capitalised upon with the skilful use of products.

Use the right products; practice with them; don’t overdo it, and you will give yourself a much better chance of gaining that coveted place in the line!

If you want to put together an effective show preparation kit, start off with a few ‘core’ products. Use them sparingly and practice at home to achieve the best effect. The following items make a good basis as they are multi-purpose and give great results.

Supreme Products Showing Kit for Central Horse News

Core Item 1
Firstly I recommend De Luxe Coat Gloss as this will give you an all over ‘base shine.’ It can be used on all coat colours and can be applied to a wet or a dry coat. It lays the coat and adds a deep lustre, particularly on dark coats.  It can also be used as an underbelly mud repellent and will hold in quarter marks so is very versatile.

Core Item 2
Sparkle is our best selling product and is a ‘must’ for every tack box. It is a brilliant shiny dressing for manes and tails and can also be used on the coat, toes of your boots, over the quarters – almost everywhere!  Despite the name, it does not contain glitter (glitter is very much frowned upon) and is a great detangler and really effective as a last minute touch up.

Core Item 3
Glistening Oil can be used to accentuate the eyes and the muzzle and contains UV filters to help prevent sunburn. It will add a really glamorous finish to the face and you can use it very sparingly so it will go a very long way. It can also be used following De Luxe Coat Gloss on the coat to add that little bit of extra ‘zing’ to the finish.  It works equally well on sunny days or under artificial light.

Core Item 4
Finally, for plaited horses, I would recommend Easy Plait as this will help plaiting enormously. It will enable you to get a good grip on either wet or dry manes and will help hold the plaits in nice and tightly once sewn in.

Supreme Products Moist and Cond for Central Horse News

For the Natural Look
For M & M’s, obviously you don’t need a plaiting aid, so I would recommend the Moisturise & Condition which is a spray-on conditioner which can be left in and is superb for improving the condition of those long flowing manes and tails.

So, you see, you can build on your collection of products a little at a time when finances allow.  Why not aim to add a new product every month rather than buying a dozen products outright. It may well be a lot cheaper in the long run, and you don’t risk a vet’s bill because you are trying to economise by using products not formulated for use on horses.

For more information on Supreme Products call 01377 229050 or visit [email protected]

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