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Results: South Oxfordshire RC Summer Dressage at Rosehill, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, 4th May 2013

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2013 by Heather Dodd

Intro A: Section A: 1st Susi Addiscott (Papa Smurf); 2nd Sarah Hellyer (Ace High); 3rd Victoria Braybrooke (Grand Place); 4th Sheryl Davis (Bentley); 5th Sasha Farrelly (Our Region). Section B: 1st Bea Boreham (Donald). Intro B: Section A: 1st Sheryl David (Bentley); 2nd P Knapp (Dikki); 3rd Sarah Hellyer (Ace High); 4th Annette Marsden (Solomon); 5th Sasha Farrelly (Our Region). Section B: 1st Joanne Bourke (Storm); 2nd Kirsten Schouwenaars-Harms (Hillgarth Davie’s Dansa). Prelim 1: Section A: 1st Vicki Carter (Pferde Stud Monet); 2nd P Knapp (Robin); 3rd Helen Davies (Pizza); 4th Sally Mansell (Max); 5th Emily Buist (Cadaran Minstrel); 6th Louise Austin (Tinker). Section B: 1st Jaimi Roehrig (Maverick 111); 2nd Caroline Pluck (Quintus 80); 3rd Debra Jones (Mason); 4th Suzi Swete (Jasper); 5th Joanne Bourke (Storm); 6th Alison Pitcher (Midsummer Blues). Prelim 7: Section A: 1st Helen Davies (Pizza); 2nd P Knapp (Robin); 3rd Tara Leaver (Dakota); 4th Vicki Carter (Pferde Stud Monet); 5th Louise Austin (Tinker); 6th Sally Mansell (Max). Section B: 1st Cheryl Stacey (Mannanan Cool Customer); 2nd Caroline Pluck (Quintus 80); =3rd Cheryl Stacey (Jameela Dancer); =3rd Debra Jones (Mason); =3rd Jo Holder (Cooloo Lad); =6th Laura Viles (Storm); =6th Linda Holmes (Mellow Johnny). Novice 22: Section A: 1st Charlotte Harris (Dakota); 2nd Jane Dawson (Squire Ashton); 3rd Linda Holmes (Mellow Johnny); 4th Louise Austin (Harry); 5th Kate England (Dorado); 6th Louise Crow (Flag of Truce). Section B: 1st Debbie Yapp (Anya); 2nd Caroline Threlfall (Dulcie Doo); 3rd Carol Fletcher (Shades of Blue); 4th Carol Fletcher (Abergavenney Umbro); 5th Sarah Richards (Marsden Wren). Novice 30/ Elem 44: =1st Jane Dawson (Squire Ashton); =1st Jaimi Roehrig (Maverick 111); 3rd Cheryl Stacey (Mannanan Cool Customer); 4th Jennifer Galuszka (Humbug Iceburg); 5th Carol Fletcher (Abergavenney Umbro); 6th Caroline Threlfall (Dulcie Doo).

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