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Shadow Horsemake gifting easy this Valentines

Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018 by Heather Dodd

Everyone wants to look beautiful on Valentine’s Day, even your horse or pony. Make sure you get them Braideez plaiting wire from Shadow Horse to beautify them the way they deserve.

This clever party pack dispels the need for rubber bands and sewing, yet ensures the plaits remain firmly and neatly in place. Braideez are plastic coated, reusable, non-toxic copper wire strands that can be cut to size if required.

As well as ensuring your traditional plaits look professional, Braideez can also be used to create some fantastic Valentines plait designs, from ‘Donut’ style through to ‘Wave Braids’. The wire helps give the plaits substance, so you can have from tiny, tight plaits or big ‘Anky Style’ dressage plaits with ease! Simply plait in the wire with the hair, secure and then fold up the plait and go.

Braideez plaiting wire party pack £16.00

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