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United Saddlebred Association-UK May World Breeds Festival

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013 by Heather Dodd

26th May 2013
Moreton Morrell College, Warwickshire

Report by Lynn Jarvis
Photos courtesy Rhian Williams

United Saddlebred World Breeds In Hand Supreme for Central Horse News

In Hand Supreme Champion, Odim.

United Saddlebred World Breeds ribbon 2013 for Central Horse News

Saddlebred Purebred In Hand and Performance Champion Kumala Champagne.

Traditionally held over the May Bank Holiday, for 2013 the May Festival, a celebration for World Breeds (horses non-indigenous to the British Isles) was changed to the Whitsun Sunday. Sally Willink had done a sterling job on the fund-raising side, with the ten champions and reserves all receiving goodie bags in addition to the keepsake plaques, sashes and for the Saddlebred and Supreme Champions flower garlands and rugs.

The show kicked off at 9am in both ring with the in hand classes starting the event off as usual. The outside ring was dedicated to the non-ASB and non-Morgan Foreign Breed in hand classes, with the main Ashford ring being used for the ASB and Morgan in hand classes.

With breed specific classes for Spanish Horses, Lusitanos, Morgans, Paso Finos, Friesians and Saddlebreds, as well as a host of “open” foreign breed classes there was an ecletic mix of breeds and styles. Saddlebred and Morgan owners are well versed in vocally supporting their breeds whilst they are competing in the ring, the other breeds not so much. However, they were soon joining in and helping to cheer their favourites on.

Something of a hiccup occurred as the outside judge turned up to judge on on the wrong day, but luckily steward for that ring was also a judge herself, so a big thank you to Ann Blackaby for stepping up to the plate and acting as both judge and ring steward. In the purebred Saddlebred classes it was a tight call between the two top horses – only 1% separating them. In the end Lynn Jarvis’ Kumala Champagne defended her title from last year and Deb Drew’s Stonewalls Bourbon Rose took the Reserve spot. In the partbred ranks Appledore Fandango was on top form for owner Kim Bonny and Sally Willink’s Morning Glory took the reserve title.

During the morning classes there was also a presentation for CH Even Worse who achieved his Championship status and accreditation. This is the ultimate achievement for Saddlebred horses in the UK – they gain Bronze status upon reaching 1,000 competitive points, Silver upon reaching 2,500 points and Gold and Championship Status upon reaching 5,000 points. To put it in perspective, winning a showing class earns them 20 points. Currently there are only 5 Saddlebred horses in the UK with Championship status and one with Elite status (10,000 points).

All the ridden classes were held in the main indoor arena and were started off by Walk/Trot classes. Usually, the show holds just one baby green class, but for 2013 this was extended and the walk/trot classes had their own championships which proved to be highly successful. As this division is traditionally for the novice horse, rider or both, the crowd was asked to be more conservative in their support!

The majority of these classes were well supported, with the Master’s class being the biggest (rider to be aged 40 years or over). Robinsons of Basingstoke kindly sponsored rosettes for all the competitors in this event.

The Limit, Amateur and Open classes were combined this year with Robinsons of Basingstoke again sponsoring the Limit Ridden Foreign Breeds, which had an amazing 15 entries. Robinson’s also donated a £30 voucher for the winner of the Saddlebred Hunter class, which was won by Dave Whittard’s Commanche Deuce.

The open classes (open to any foreign breed) saw a mix of winners, sometimes the Pasos stood top, sometimes the Morgans, sometimes the Spanish, sometimes the Saddlebreds – an indication of how good all the horses forward were.

At 6pm, the Championships commenced. First up was the Saddlebred ridden and they were put through their paces by the judge. Completing another double from last year was Kumala Champagne, who took top honours. Kim Bonny was having a great ride on Appledore Fandango and stood up in the Reserve spot and taking the Second Reserve was Dave Whittard’s Commanche Deuce.

Next up was the Morgan Championships, with Natasha Rodley’s young park horse stallion dominating the ring to take top honour. Pasos came in next, corto-ing (is that a word?) their way round. World Breed Championships followed, with Caroline Lockhart’s Lustiano taking the honours. Then came the finale of the day, the Supreme Ridden Championships – western horses, Spanish and Portugues, Morgans, Saddlebreds and Pasos all in to show off to their best. After a work out both ways round the ring, the Morgan stood supreme, the Paso Reserve and the Lusitano Second Reserve.

A big thank you to everyone who took part, whether they were spectators, helpers, judges or competitors. Special mention must be made to all our 2013 sponsors, as everyone was extremely appreciative of their support.



1. Friesians, any age (2) 1st Alexandra Carrington’s Falco 2nd Colin Richardson’s Yana

2. Spanish & Lusitano – any age, purebreds (4) 1st Caroline Lockhart’s Odim 2nd Nicola Crowther’s Entendido LXIV 3rd Susan Merlane’s Fronda

3. Foreign Breeds – any sex, 3yrs & under. (4) 1st Melissa Boughton’s Don Aquis Royal Affair 2nd Entendido LXIV 3rd Gemma Robinson’s This Is Sparta 4th Paula Thomas’ Colourkade Hy-Definition

4. Foreign Breeds – 4yrs & over, Mares. (10) 1st Katie Soper’s ADMS Robins Choice 2nd Joseph Price-Evans’ Whitney Countess 3rd Georgina Ryle’s Pecas Chili 4th Tessa Reeve’s Sealmaster By Design (shown by Heidi Sharp) 5th Fronda 6th Yana

5. Foreign Breeds – 4yrs & over, Geldings. (3 pre-entries. All withdrawn).

6. Foreign Breeds – 4yrs & over, Stallions. (3) 1st Gemma Robinson’s Amazing Technicolour 2nd Odim 3rd Jane Armstrong-Lancaster’s Even Worse

7. Foreign Breeds – any age or sex, broken coat (6) 1st ADMS Robins Choice 2nd Even Worse 3rd Colourkade Hy-Definition


8. Pure Saddlebreds – any sex, 3 yrs & under (1) 1st Colourkade Hy-Definition

9. Part Saddlebreds – any sex, 3 yrs & under, includes National Show Horses. (0)

10. Morgans – any sex, 3 yrs & under (0)

11. Pure Saddlebreds – Stallions, 4 yrs & over (1) 1st Even Worse

12. Part Saddlebreds National Show Horses – any sex, 4 yrs & over (2) 1st Sally Willink’s Morning Glory

13. Morgans Junior – any sex, 4 – 7 years. (5) 1st Heidi Sharp’s Landside Melodic Virtue 2nd Caroline Lockhart’s Excell Perfection (shown by Alex Lockhart) 3rd Sarah Grundy’s Ingon Tempest (shown by Kym Beacham) 4th Whitney Countess

14. Pure Saddlebreds – Geldings, 4 yrs & over (0)

15. Part Saddlebreds – any sex, 4 yrs & over, excluding National Show Horses. (2) 1st Kim Bonny’s Appledore Fandango 2nd Lucy Abbott’s Spellbound Magical Fate

16. Pure Saddlebreds– Mares, 4 yrs & over (2) 1st Lynn Jarvis’ Kumala Champagne 2nd Deb Drew’s Stonewalls Bourbon Rose

17. Morgans Senior – any sex, 8 yrs & over (5) 1st Bryn Jones’ Monnington Aspire 2nd Sealmaster By Design

C1 Purebred Saddlebred In Hand Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 8, 11, 14 & 16. Champion – Kumala Champagne Reserve – Stonewalls Bourbon Rose 2nd Reserve – Even Worse

C2 Partbred Saddlebred In Hand Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 9, 12 & 15. Champion – Appledore Fandango Reserve – Morning Glory

C3 Morgan In Hand Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 10, 13 & 17. Champion – Monnington Aspire Reserve – Landside melodic Virtue C4 Grand In Hand Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 1 – 8, & C1, C2 & C3. Champion – Odim Reserve – Monnington Aspire 2nd Reserve – ADMS Robins Choice


WALK/TROT Classes 18. Restricted (8) 1st Tracy Osak’s Oxnead Argon 2nd Katie Evans’ Constant Silveriver 3rd Janette Keeley’s Zips Constant Dream 4th Jenni Fry-Zawadzka’s Sir Nunn Golden Jewel 5th Pecas Chili 6th Stonewalls Bourbon Rose

19. Youth (3) 1st Annabel Penfound on Estrella 2nd Oliver Riley on El Oriente Del Eden 3rd Katie Evans’ Constant Silveriver

20. Masters (10) 1st Appledore Fandango 2nd Anne Kendall’s Yana 3rd Sandra Wilson’s Ulbe

4th Zips Constant Dream 5th Alexander Burnfield’s Chocolate 6th Helen Allanson’s BFM Finns fancy

21. Open (6) 1st Helen Allanson’s BFM Finns Fancy 2nd Zips Constant Dream 3rd Pecas Chili 4th Hannah Nurse’s Athenia C5 Walk/Trot Championship. 1st & 2nd from classes 18, 19, 20 & 21. Champion – Appledore Fandango Reserve – Yana

22. Limit Ridden Foreign Breeds (15) 1st Emma Taylor’s Arqueiro 2nd Tim Keeley’s CA Zysygy Invitation 3rd Kirsten Benson’s Primero Portia 4th Fronda 5th Constant Silveriver 6th Whitney Countess

23. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle (5) 1st Ingon Juno 2nd Whitney Countess 3rd Monnington Aspire 4th Laura Bent’s MLF Cimmerion 24. Paso Fino 3-Gaits (4) 1st Oliver Riley on El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Primero Portia

25. Saddlebred 3-Gaited Pleasure (3) 1st Kumala Champagne 2nd Spellbound Magical Fate 3rd Morning Glory

26. Morgan Park Saddle. (3) 1st Natasha Rodley’s CBMF Tipping Point 2nd Sealmaster By Design

27. Paso Fino Amateur Rider Pleasure (5) 1st Oliver Riley on El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Primero Portia 3rd Annabel Penfound on Estrella 4th Hannah Nurse’s Athenia

28. Ridden Foreign Breeds Amateur Rider (9) 1st Appledore Fandango 2nd Spellbound Magical Fate 3rd Oxnead Argon 4th Joscka 5th Even Worse

29. Ridden Friesian (3) 1st Falko 2nd Joscka 3rd Yana

30. Ridden Partbred Saddlebred (4) 1st Appledore Fandango

2nd Spellbound Magical Fate 3rd Dave Whittard’s Comanche Deuce

31. Morgan Pleasure Saddle. (5) 1st Ingon Tempest 2nd Excell Perfection 3rd Landside Melodic Virtue

32. Saddlebred 5-Gaited Pleasure (0)

33. Ridden Veteran (6) 1st Morning Glory 2nd Sealmaster By Design 3rd CMF Cimmerian 4th Even Worse 5th Comanche Deuce

34. Paso Fino Open Pleasure (5) 1st Julia Sayer’s El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Sarah John’s Estrella 3rd Athenia 4th Primero Portia

35. Open Spanish & Lusitano (4) 1st Odim 2nd Arquerio 3rd Fronda

36. Road Hack (5) 1st Ingon Tempest 2nd Spellbound Magical Fate 3rd Joseph Price-Evans Monnington Waltz 4th Comanche Deuce

37. Paso Fino Amateur Performance (5) 1st Oliver Riley on El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Annabel Penfound on Estrella 3rd Athenia 4th Primero Portia

38. Open Ridden Foreign Breeds 153cm (15hh) or under (8) 1st Constant Silveriver 2nd Zips Constant Dream 3rd Primero Portia 4th Appledore Fandango 5th Excell Perfection

39. Morgan Hunter Pleasure (1) 1st Landside Melodic Virtue

40. Saddlebred Hunter Pleasure (3) 1st Comanche Deuce 2nd Even Worse 3rd Appledore Fandango

41. Paso Fino Natural Gaiters (5) 1st Estrella 2nd El Oriente Del Eden 3rd Athenia

42. Open Ridden Foreign Breeds over 153cm (15hh) (4) 1st Comanche Deuce 2nd CA Zysygy Invitation

43. Paso Fino Open Performance (5) 1st El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Estrella 3rd Athenia

44. Western Pleasure – Appaloosa, QH or other stock horse type (3) 1st CA Zysygy Invitation 2nd Zips Constant Dream 3rd Constant Silveriver

45. Saddlebred Western Pleasure (2) 1st Comanche Deuce 2nd Even Worse

46. Morgan Western Pleasure. (0)

47. Iberian (4) 1st Odim 2nd El Oriente Del Eden 3rd Fronda 4th Arquerio

C6 Saddlebred European Ridden Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 25, 30, 32, 40 & 45. Champion – Kumala Champage Reserve – Appledore Fandango 2nd Reserve – Comanche Deuce

C7 Morgan Ridden Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 23, 26, 31, 39 & 46. Champion – CMBF Tipping Point Reserve – Ingon Tempest

C8 Paso Fino Championship. 1st & 2nd from classes 24, 27, 34, 37, 41 & 43. Champion – El Oriente Del Eden Reserve – Estrella

C9 World Breeds Championship. 1st & 2nd from classes 22, 26, 29, 33, 35, 36, 38, 42, 44 & 47. Champion – Odim Reserve – CA Zysygy Invitation

C10 Grand Saddle Championship. All Champions & Reserves from C6 to C9. Champion – CBMF Tipping Point Reserve – El Oriente Del Eden 2nd Reserve – Odim

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