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What’s the Verdict: Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy unit

Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by Heather Dodd

Danetre Health Products offered two Central Horse News What’s On readers the opportunity to try and test the new Photizo® Vetcare unit. Photizo® Vetcare is a handheld Light Therapy Device that emits red and infrared light that penetrates the skin to stimulate energy production and other metabolic processes in targeted areas. The LED light speeds up healing and provides natural pain relief.

Earlier this year, Gaelann East from Oxfordshire tested the product on a number of horses at her yard, including her veteran mare, Ultima M.

Gaelann using Vetcare 4 Photizo Unit for Central Horse News

Ultima M had been off work as she had been feeling sore through her back. “Every morning her bed was a complete mess where she was obviously struggling to get down and up at night”, said Gaelann. Whilst it took a lot of time to treat the chronic condition over a large area (Gaelann treated Ultima’s poll, wither and back) Gaelann soon noticed an improvement in the mare’s condition.

Gaelann treated a number of different conditions in her horses, but of all the horses in the yard, she thought her older mare responded the most to the treatment.

Gaelann treated areas that were clearly painful and also common trigger points for each condition. She soon noticed that previously painful areas became less sensitive to touch.

“The relaxation seen in the horses proves the unit is a good tool for horse owners and it would be a great aid on the yard, especially for the recovery of injuries. The price is also very reasonable compared to other non-invasive accupressure treatment units that are available. I would rate it 4/5.”

Gaelann purchased the Photizo® Vetcare unit at the end of the trial and is continuing to use it regularly on her horses.

Emmie Foxall from the West Midlands also trialled the Photizo® Vetcare unit for a month.

“We were really impressed with it. We tried it on a variety of ailments including my own horse’s arthritis and my dog’s arthritis. T-Jay has arthritis in both forelimbs (coffins, pasterns and fetlocks). While using the Photizo® Vetcare unit, he seems to have coped much better than usual with hard ground and despite no bute, he has been consistently pretty much sound and has been enjoying an increase in work.

The only downside to it is that because T-Jay has so many sites of arthritis and is so large (17hh), it was quite time consuming to go round all his joints. Ideally he should have had three treatments on each fetlock but due to the small headsize, it was 6 “stops” just to do one circuit of one fetlock. Although only 30 seconds for each “stop”, kneeling down for nine minutes to treat each fetlock was a bit much on my own knees!

My dog Gertie has an arthritic pastern but she actively loved the Photizo® – if she saw me with it, she would come and sit by me waiting for it to be used on her. Two “stops” was enough to do her joint, so it was much easier to manage. The swelling in the joint reduced within a couple of days and she even jumped into the car which she hasn’t done for quite some time.

We also used the machine on a mare with a check ligament injury and a pony with an abcess and found the machine really easy to use, charge and handle. T-Jay came in one day with quite a nasty overreach type injury on a hind fetlock. After cleaning it up, I used the Photizo® on it and was stunned that the next day I strugged to find the cut at all!!

Light therapy treatments are normally only available through highly trained professionals who are trained and skilled in using complex laser/light therapy devices. Red Light therapy is a scientifically proven, non-invasive alternative treatment to speed up healing (up to 60% faster) and provides natural pain relief for long term degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Treatable conditions include all types of wounds to numerous superficial and deep musculoskeletal injuries.

Photizo® Vetcare delivers a simple one-touch 31 second pre-programmed evidence-based dose of red and infrared light and brings this amazing therapy into the hands of horse and pet owners/carers, breeders, and trainers.

For more information about the Photizo® Vetcare unit visit:
Phone: 01327 310310 / 07801 698488
e-mail: [email protected]


Danetre Health Products are offering CHN readers a special 10% discount on the Photizo Vetcare unit if they order before 31st October 2013. Special price £224.99 (instead of £249.99).

To receive the discount the order must be made directly with Danetre Health Products by calling either of the numbers above and quoting ‘CHN Offer’.

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