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Cake and Prizewinners at Naphill Riding Club’s 40th Anniversary AGM

Posted on Monday, December 2, 2013 by Heather Dodd

The Fortieth Annual General Meeting of the Naphill Riding Club took place on Tuesday 12 November 2013 in Longwick Village Hall.  Over sixty members attended and enjoyed a ploughman’s supper before the AGM began.

The Chairman, Martin Liggins, in his annual report, said that the club had had another very successful year with membership increasing and members taking part in a variety of events, such as trail rides, members shows and dressage as well as Area Riding Club qualifiers where members had qualified for the championships.

The club has acquired many lovely cups and trophies which were presented to members for their various achievements during the year.

Apollo Shield (trail rides) Lucy Brown

Club Dressage series overall winners:

Walk and Trot: Nici Bailey, Prelim:  Kathy Bristow, Novice: Jo Cheese

Futter Endeavour Cup (most improved) Angela Chignall

Sommerholder Trophy (most points gained over the year) Kathy Bristow

Kelly Memorial Cup (best turnout) Sue Molloy

Wilkinson Rose Bowl (helping) Jenny Bowie

Committee Cup Janet Bayley

Phil Tietjen Trophy(horse of the year) Spot – Merryn Polley

Barbara Tietjen Trophy (veteran horse of the year) Melanie Brown

Misbourne Shield Alison Pitcher

Josh for Fun Cup (Milton Keynes Camp) Colette Bassinder

The Trish Smith Cup (funniest event) was awarded to Adrian Reynolds for his entertainment at the Naphill Riding Club annual trip to Norfolk.

Members who qualified for championships were presented with keeper trophies.

President, Pat Fowler, thanked the committee for their efforts during the year and particularly Martin Liggins, the outgoing Chairman, for his hard work in leading the club forward.  Martin had served his three years as Chairman and therefore had to stand down – he needed a well earned rest!

Pat Fowler then presided over the forming of a new committee and the appointment of the new Chairman.  Members were pleased that Alison Stenning was willing to take on the mantle of Chairman and was voted in unanimously by the members.

Gifts were presented to the outgoing committee members as a thank you for all their hard work and commitment whilst on the committee.


The evening was rounded off with members celebrating forty years of the Naphill Riding Club and Martin Liggins cutting the birthday cake.

Twyning Horse Show, 1st September 2013

Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 by Heather Dodd

BG PICT9005 Twyning Show for Central Horse NewsBGPICT9004 Twyning Show for Central Horse News
Pictured: Show ring competitors show their paces.  Photos by

Class 1

Tewkesbury Trophies Very Novice Horse

1st Jacko Emily Ward

2nd Dorothy’s Girl Esther Hallett

3rd Clive Rachel Fountain

4th Oz Nicky Hughes


Class 2

Event Digipix Novice Horse

1st Jacko Emily Ward

2nd Alfie Pippa Morris

3rd Clive Rachel Fountain

4th Oz Jeanie Soarie


Class 3

Beckford Equestrian Trust Scurry

1st In Time Oscar Hannah Davies

2nd Alfie Pippa Morris

3rd Oz Jackie Soarie

4th Clive Rachel Fountain

5th Solo Carys Allen

6th Seamus Bev Clapham


Class 4

Bob,Jennie & Clare-Louise Bond 2’9″ Int Horse

1st Alfie Pippa Morris

2nd Solo Carys Allen


Class 5

Jason Jones Autocentre Top Score

1st Ishandraz Victoria Gregg


Class 6

Humberts Open Horse

1st Sadie Jake Slatter


Class 7

Lance Jones Local Open Horse

1st Sadie Jake Slatter

2nd Ishamdraz Victoria Gregg


Class 8

Event Digipix 2′ Novice Pony

1st Ozzey Hannah Mradows

2nd Cas Jack Parker

3rd Smudge Jackie Soarie


Class 9

Alan’s 13.2hh Open

1st Playmate Buz Joe Drinkwater

2nd Marmite Rebecca Hewitt

3rd Ozzy Hannah Meadows

4th Ginger Thais Hitchins

5th Prince Beth Whittle

6th Phoebe Ellie Mitchell


Class 10

R J C Web Design 2′ 6″ Novice Pony

1st Pheobe Ellie Mitchell

2nd Rowan Josie Williams

3rd Ginger Thais Hitchens

4th Marmite Rebecca Hewitt

5th Jason Imogen Morris

6th Prince Beth Whittle


Class 11

The Scattergood Family Pairs

1st Prince Beth Whittle and Phoebe Ellie Mitchell

2nd Rowan Josie Williams and Kirby Emily Morrison

3rd Cosmic Michelle Lockyer and Barney Jess Short

4th Marley Holly Gaze and Rocket Natasha Watmore


Class 12

Loxwood Windows 2′ 9″ Open Pony

1st Captain Kirby Emily Morrison

2nd Pilot Lowrie Allen

3rd Honeybrook Flight Kayleigh Jones

4th Oaklands Sagittarius Jennifer Guilding

5th Rowan Josie Williams

6th Chico Dominic Morris


Class 13

Warners Of  Tewkesbury Peugeot 14′.2 Open Pony

1st Oakland Sagittarius Jennifer Guilding

2nd Captain Kirkby Emily Morrison

3rd Chico Dominic Morris


Class 15

Jt’s Coffee House & Grill 8yrs & Under Lead Rein Jumping

1st Archie Skye Bruckshaw

2nd Mistie Meg Allen

3rd Fergie Laura Bloxham


Class 16

By-Moore Assisted Jumping 8yrs & Under

1st Misty Meg Allen

2nd Freddie Chloe Rodrieguez

3rd Maddison Lydia Tatcher

4th Peanut Chloe Rodrieguez

5th Archie Skye Bruckshaw


Class 17

Dave Heeks Assisted Jumping 10yrs & Over

1st Maddison Lydia Tatcher

2nd Granville Lydia Tatcher

3rd Smudge Olive Hughes

4th Katie Amelia Williams


Class 18

Tjb Fencing 10yrs & Under

1st Granville Lydia Tatcher

2nd Katie Amelia Williams


Class 19

Kate & Robert Smith 12 Yrs & Under

1st Granville Lydia Tatcher


Class 20

Royal Hop Pole Bto Horse

1st Snaffles Jackie Hughes


Class 21

Rhg Transport Bto Lead Rein Pony

1st Mountain Gale Leuley Exton


Class 22

R & J Hughes Bto Pony

1st Pebbly Duncan Jessica Hope


Championship 20 -23


Pebbly Duncan Jessica Hope


Mountain Gale Lauley Exton


Class 23

Senior Steel Family Pony

1st Snaffles Jackie Hughes


Class 24

Hilton Puckrup Hall Most Suitable L/R Pony

1st Mountain Gale Lauley Exton


Class 26

Lindi Jones Ridden Pony

1st Riversdale Nutmeg Alice Mitchell

2nd Splash Leanne Beacham


Championship 24 – 26


Mountain Gale Lauley Exton


Riversdale Nutmeg Alice Mitchell


Class 27

Lindi Jones L/R Show Hunter Pony

1st Gigman Leonardo Emma Williams

2nd Doylan French Velvet Jordan Napier Talbot


Class 29

Lindi Jones Show Hunter Pony

1st Pebbly Dencan Jessica Hope

2nd Riversdale Nutmeg Alice Mitchell


Championship L & G Jones 27-29


Gigman Leonardo Emma Williams


Pebbly Duncan Jessica Hope


Doris Brookes Supreme Pony Championship 24 – 29


Maountain Gale Laura Exton


Riverdale Nutmeg Alice Mitchell


Class 30

Carver Knowles Verteran In Hand

1st Elan Flame Michael Powell


Class 31

Carver Knowles Ridden Veteran

1st Frere Jaques Gayle Clay

2nd Springbok Katherine Nash


Veteran Championship 30 -31



Elan Flame Michael Powell


Frere Jaques Gayle Clay


Class 32

In Hand M&M Large Breeds Young Stock

1st Byefield Lancelot Sally Merrick


Class 33

Scattergood Family  M&M In Hand Large Breeds

1st Kerry Blye M. Pitt

2nd Skylon Jo Bowen


Class 35

Woody’s In Hand M&M Small Breeds

1st Pantymel Tansy Diane Cook


Class 37

In Hand Coloured Horse/Pony

1st Ladybear Lesley Evans

2nd Spirit Ofdakota C Cooper

3rd Rocket M Pitt


Class 38

Helping Hands In Hand Young Stock Any Breed

1st Spirit Of Dakota C Cooper


Class 39

Wood’s In Hand Any Breed

1st Ladybear Lesley Evans

2nd Copper Fiona Shaw


In Hand Championship 32 – 39


Skylon Jo Bowen


Ladybear Lesley Evans


Class 40

Fleet Inn In Hand Any Age

1st Hillcrest Conker Paige Edmead
Class 41

Miniature Shetlands In Hand

1st Bedwatch Scottie E Freeman

2nd Chasend Merlin Mrs J A Hutton

3rd Hillcrest Conker Tia Edmead


Shetland Championship


Bedwatch Scottie E Freeman


Chasend Merlin Mrs J A Hutton


Class 43

Pete & Carole Nottingham Junior Ridden M&M

1st Skylon Lorna Bowen

2nd Hew Cagney Edmead

3rd Glebedale Orphan AnnieJess Allsopp

4th Aran Breeze Georgie Roberts

5th Berry Beth Whittle


Class 44

Mandy Nevin L/R M&M

1st Doylan Frence Velvet Jordan Napier Talbot

2nd Brookfield Forest Gypsy Ayse Selcuk


Class 45

Mandy Nevin First Ridden

1st Glebedale Orphan Annie Jes Allsopp

2nd Farmbrook Quince Georgie Roberts

3rd Berry Beth Little

4th Brookfield Forest Gypsy Ayse Delcuk


Class 46

L&L Installations Ridden M&M

1st Oaklands Sagittarious Jennifer Guilding

2nd Glebedale Orphan Annie Jess Allsopp

3rd Skylon Lorna Bowen

4th Rhydspence Domino Rachael Kearney

5th Farmbrook Quince Georgie Roberts

6th= Hue Cagney Edmead

6th= Josh E Astbury


M & M Ridden Championship


Oaklands Sagittarius Jenny Guilding


Glebedale Orphan Annie Jess Allsopp


Class 47

Hfec Riding Club Horse

1st Skye Linda Kemp


Class 48

Hfec Riding Club Pony

1st Lucy Sarah Sackville

2nd Aran Breeze Georgie Roberts


Class 49

Hilton Puckrup Hall Coloured Horse/Pony

1st Indie Laura Langton

2nd Splah Leanne Beacham

3rd Alfie Emma Morris

4th Shybonte Rise To Fame Emma Arnall


Class 50

Dax Internation Ridden Cob

1st The Bishop 11 Victoria Gregg

2nd Frere Jaques Gayle Clay

3rd Snaffles Jackie Hughes


Class 51

Jane & Steve Davies Large Ridden Cob

1st Bobsie Barnett Mel Barnett


Class 52

Warners Of Tewkesbury Peugeot Riding Horse

1st Ashwater Orlando Lorraine Larner

2nd Wax Lyrical 11 Suzanne Guilding


Class 53

John Mckenna Small Ridden Hunter

1st Nibbs Emma Arnall

2nd Wax Lyrical 11 Suzanne Guilding


Class 54

Paula Chapman Open Hunter

1st Ashwater Orlando Lorraine Larner

2nd Bobsie Barnett Mel Barnett



Nibbs Emma Arnall


The Bishop 11 Victoria Gregg


Class 55

Family Cars Very Novice Working Hunter Horse

1st Intime Oscar Joanne Schooling

2nd Oarehouse Laura Samantha Jones


Class 56

Family Cars Novice Working Hunter Horse

1st Skye Linda Kemp

2nd Seamus Bev Clapham

3rd Intime Oscar Hannah Davies

4th Oarehouse Laura Samantha Jones


Class 57

Tewkesbury Mustard W/H Pony Nursery Stakes

1st Farmbrook Quince Georgie Roberts


Class 58

Dave Nevin Novice Working Hunter Pony

1st Diamond Boysy Lauren Allsopp

2nd Lucy Sarah Sackville

3rd Glenadoon Amy Holliday

4th Splah Leanne Beacham


Class 59

Aston Cross Garage M&M Working Hunter Pony

1st Hew Bowcaf Cagney Edmead

2nd Farmbrook Quince Georgie Roberts

3rd Barney Jess Short

4th Aran Breeze Georgie Roberts


Working Hunter Championship



Hew Bowcaf Cagney Edmead


Diamond Boysey Lauren Allsopp


Class 60

Pam Harrison Fancy Dress

1st Boo Boo Thomas Kinsella

2nd Elan Flame Michael Powell

3rd Charlie Amelia Williams

4th Rusty Elowise Smith

5th Brookfield Forest Gypsy Ayse Selcuk

6th Pedro Sally Goss


Gymkhana Championship

Group 1 Connie Holly Weld

Group 2 Skip G Harding


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