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We thought he was a Wobbler

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013 by Heather Dodd

We thought he was a Wobbler EH1Q7097 for Central Horse News Copyright Jo Monk Photography

Dear CHN

I was interested to read the article on the equine nervous system in the November issue of Central Horse News and thought readers might be interested in my horse’s story.

I bought Kody as a foal.  By the age of three his movement was so promising and exciting that I sent him away to be professionally broken.  Within the first two weeks he had an accident, he fell over backwards and landed flat on his spine.  At first  he seemed fine but soon started showing progressive signs of lameness, and there were behavioural problems such as rearing and stopping.  ‘Naughty horse’ was the phrase I heard a great deal at this time but I was sure that there was something more wrong with this sweet obliging horse.

A friend of mine  is an equine back therapist and after examining him found that he was very wrong indeed.  After a few treatments he appeared to have recovered and I decided to school him again and sent him to a local trainer to further his education.  Whilst there, he had another accident, and this time the symptoms were extraordinarily distressing to witness.

Kody kept on falling over and his legs were totally uncoordinated.  He was diagnosed as being a Wobbler, and I was advised to have him destroyed. I had a second opinion from another vet who did different tests and the diagnosis and prognosis were the same.  I was devastated but didn’t want to give up on my horse.

In desperation, I took him to another back specialist recommended by a friend.  The advice was to keep him moving, work him and not restrict him.  If he showed no improvement within three weeks, he would have to be destroyed.  I followed the advice to the letter, found  a horse walker, and started carefully lunging and long reining every day and kept to strict routine.

I began to see improvements, and these were enough to fill me with hope.  Several months later  Kody was fit enough to be ridden.  Gradually and tentatively I have  built up his fitness levels keeping a close and fearful eye on his mobility all the time.  Two and a half years on, unbelievably, and I may add with tears in my eyes,  I am watching him do  flying changes and passage!

We thought he was a Wobbler IMG_5606 for Central Horse News Copyright Jo Monk Photography

It appears a bruised spine not Wobblers could have been responsible for the symptoms that he was showing. Kody is still a work in progress’ but he is a remarkable horse and deserves all the love and care I have given  him.  He has paid me back tenfold.

Karen McArthur-White

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Readers’ Letters: CHN Show Jumping Championships

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 by Heather Dodd

Dear CHN
2013 CHN Champs Winner Liam with Rug for Central Horse News
Thought you might like to see my horse Liam (Irish Cream) modelling his very posh new Central Horse News rug which he received as joint overall champion at the 2013 CHN Show Jumping Championships.  We’re both proud so to have won it!

Leanne McLean

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