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Nominate your Equine Hero

Posted on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 by Heather Dodd

Alltech’s global campaign to salute equine heroes is proving highly popular.

As the unsung hero behind many of the world’s top feeds and supplements for the past 30 years Alltech want to reward other unsung heroes for the hard work they do.

In the equestrian world equine heroes are all around us and you may not have even considered who your equine hero might be. Their contributions in helping us achieve our horsey dreams and ambitions could well go unnoticed.

Here we offer some ideas to inspire you to think about who your equine hero might be:

Parent – does your mum or dad work extra hours to help fund your horse or pony, do they sacrifice their own weekends to drive you to shows?

Partner/Husband or Wife – do you have a long suffering partner who is a horsey widow/widower who doesn’t begrudge coming second to your horse and understands that any spare money will inevitably be spent on the horse but doesn’t mind helping on the odd occasions when you can’t make it to the yard?

Instructor – is your instructor one in a million, have they helped you overcome your nerves or helped you solve a problem with a difficult horse?

Vet – has your vet helped your horse or pony survive against all the odds, have they been at the end of the phone to reassure you at any hour of the day?

Farrier – has your farrier kept your horse sound or visited your yard at short notice when your horse had lost a shoe the day before an important show?

Friend or Fellow Livery – most of us combine owning horses with working. Do you share the work load with a friend or another livery on your yard, without which those dark winter months would seem endless and a much needed holiday would be impossible?

Equine Nutritionist – has an equine nutritionist or someone at your local feed merchants given you some invaluable advice on feeding your horse? Perhaps they helped you with weight gain of a much loved oldie or helped devise a diet suitable for your laminitic pony.

Groom – if you are lucky enough to have a groom, perhaps yours is irreplaceable or has been your groom for many years and has shared with you both the ups and downs of competing?

Equine Dentist – is your horse particularly difficult but you have found a special equine dentist that has the skills to look after his teeth without the need for sedation or maybe they have completely transformed your horse and turned him into a dream to ride?

Charity Fundraiser/Sanctuary Owner – there are some truly special people out there who give up all their spare time and money to help unwanted and neglected horses. Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their selfless dedication to horses?

If you have an equine hero in your life Alltech want to hear from you because behind every aspiring champion there is always an unsung hero!

To nominate your own Equine Hero, visit

Alltech is title sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, France.  The Lifeforce range is the cornerstone of the Alltech Equine Advantage series, developed to benefit horses at every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals. For further information please visit or telephone 01780 764512

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