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Equissage Pulse helps 13yr old Behansin the Giraffe remain on top of the world

Posted on Friday, September 7, 2018 by Sasha Melia

Team Equissage was delighted to see on Channel 5’s “Big Week at the Zoo” aired on 21st Aug, that the Equissage Pulse hand held unit is still making a huge contribution to keeping Behansin, the 13 year old Giraffe who is the resident herd leader at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, on top form.

Physio problems are fairly common in older giraffes, and in animals that can weigh up to a tonne, there is a lot of weight on their frame. In 2016 Behansin developed some shoulder problems which were believed to be age related and arthritis,and which required monthly physio sessions to relive the pain and allow him to lead a happy active life.

The team at Yorkshire Wildlife Park immediately contacted Niagara Healthcare who are at the forefront of research into cyclo therapy massage, and who’s scientifically proven and well documented Equissage Pulse and the Equissage range are world leaders in equine therapy equipment.

Team Equissage were delighted to help. Behansin began receiving regular treatment with Equissage Pulse that stimulates soft tissue, increases blood flow through the muscle and improves joint mobility. With reduced the pain in his shoulder Behansin was soon able to take easier and longer strides, and with reduced pain and increased mobility, able retain his dominance within the herd.

‘We are of course extremely pleased to be able to contribute to Behansin being able to maintain a happy and pain free life,’ said UK National Sales Manager Victoria Archer. ‘It is a great testament to the Equissage Pulse that his shoulder pain has been kept at bay over the last two years with the help of  regular cyclo massage therapy, and that he is still active and leader of his group’.

NHC Cyclo-Therapy is a drug free three dimensional deep tissue massage treatment designed to help body tissue with its natural functions, mainly focusing on improving blood flow through the soothing effect of massage.

Well know and widely used by leading professionals worldwide within the equestrian industry, Equissage Pulse delivers powerful cycloidal (three-way) vibrations to the whole body, and is scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and joint mobility and can help in rehabilitation from a multitude of injuries or persistent conditions.The massage effect is different to others on the market as it works in a radiating elliptical movement effect rather than a piston-like hammering motion which can aggravate the muscles and joints.

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