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IMInnov is launching it’s Kickstarter campaign for Equisure

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 by Heather Dodd

The 1st connected Alert System designed for horse and rider.

Riding is one of the most dangerous sporting activities. In Europe alone, nearly 6,000 riding accidents are recorded each year, 45% of which are during unsupervised activities, and often without the presence of someone who could intervene quickly in case of an emergency.
How can we reconcile the pleasure of riding alone with more security? The means are still limited.
It is for this reason that IMInnov, a French start-up based near Carcassonne, has launched EquiSure™:
the first alert system designed for the rider and horse, to provide an effective response in the event of an incident.
Small and discreet, EquiSure™ is the first alert system designed for outdoor riding. An alert is sent as soon as an incident occurs. Relatives and emergency services are then contacted instantly and can
intervene efficiently and effectively. EquiSure™ also watches over their horse by allowing the rider or the
relatives to track them instantly if they leave the location of the incident after a fall. Much more than just an alert system, it is a vital tool to reassure the loved ones during a ride. They can follow the rider’s outing if they choose this option and without the need for them to intervene any further.

Did you know?
65% of riders ride alone. Going for a ride in ‘’peace’’ leads to a higher risk of being alone in case an incident were to occur. How do you know if the rider is in danger, and where to find them to ensure help arrives as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency?

A connected rider is a safe rider.
For more information, please visit:
Or contact: La Toile des Médias
David Pilo +33 6 20 67 70 37
Julie Gallon +33 4 66 72 68 55

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