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New and Improved Nedz Bales

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Heather Dodd

Nedz have been supplying the equestrian industry with top quality chopped straw bedding for nearly two decades – and their commitment to answering the demands of customers has always been at the forefront of the company ethos.

As a forward-thinking, evolving brand, Nedz have made some improvements to their packaging to ensure the top quality bedding products, Nedz Original and Nedz Pro, both retain their top level benefits from the moment they are produced in a carefully controlled environment, until the moment they reach your horse’s stable.

By investing in a new state of the art baler, Nedzare now producing a far more advanced bale of bedding, which is packaged securely using stronger seals to keep moisture locked out and the product locked in!

Not only does this mean that there is less chance of bales breaking open, or nasties getting into bales uninvited, but also the same 20kg bale has now been reduced in size – without losing the quantity of bedding inside – to enable more product to fit on a pallet. Plus, each bale of Nedzis weighed to make sure you receive the full 20kg of product.

When purchasing a pallet of Nedz bedding, you will now receive a weatherproof cover to protect your product from the elements – making storage a lot easier and ensuring quality is retained at every stage of the process.

This new and improved packaging means you can guarantee that the Natural Nedz formula – which contains Silver, Manuka, Aloe Vera and Cade Oil for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties – will have maximum impact when it is used in your stable.

And by ensuring any damp is kept out of the bales, you can be confident that mould and dust spores are kept at bay giving you an exceptionally absorbent and healthy environment for your horse to be bedded on.

To find out more about Nedz visit or call 01254 677 762 to find out about all of our new stockists.


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