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Revolutionary Equine Supplement Backed By Zara Tindall MBE

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 by Heather Dodd

An all-natural supplement range designed to aid the recovery of competition horses following high-intensity work has been launched by equine manufacturer Equitein.

Backed by brand ambassadors international event rider Zara Tindall MBE and jockey Michael Scudamore, the EQUIZYN and EQUIZYN PRO ranges combine the key ingredients of valine, potassium ascorbate and turmeric.

They work with the animal’s protein enzymes to promote joint mobility and immune system support, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Manufactured at Equitein’s HQ in Rotherham, the start-up was founded last year by Midlands entrepreneur Jojar Dhinsa.

Following extensive research, development and testing, both products have now been introduced to market.

The products are already in use by event riders like Zara, who introduced it into her training regime for High Kingdom ahead of the 2017 Rolex Kentucky 4* event.

Zara added: “I’d definitely recommend EQUIZYN in any equestrian discipline. The experience I’ve had, especially with High Kingdom, has been fantastic.

“He felt better and finished better than he’s ever done before.”

Zara’s groom Suzi Cooper added: “EQUIZYN definitely worked for High Kingdom.

“He finished better than I’ve ever seen and his heart rate returned to normal so quickly following the event in extreme heat, and in the following weeks he seemed better than ever.”

National Hunt rider Michael Scudamore said: “I noticed a huge difference using EQUIZYN. The recovery time was two days between hard races, which is a definite improvement on last year. I’ll continue to use the product to improve the performance of my horses.”

The key difference between EQUIZYN and EQUIZYN PRO is that the ‘PRO’ version contains a unique blend of Manuka honey, which treats wounds in a fraction of the expected healing time.

Jojar, who runs international investment company Athlone Group, founded the company after talking to professional rugby players at his local gym, and discussing with them how best to recover after high-intensity exercise.

“I started to research the topic and found there was very little on the market with proven results for sport horses that undergo regular strenuous activity,” he said.

“EQUIZYN and EQUIZIN PRO are revolutionary, all-natural products that successfully aid the speedy recovery of horses following high-intensity exercise through joint support mobility, healing properties and immune system support.

“We’re very pleased to have already received backing from such elite equestrians.”

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