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Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 by Sasha Melia

Over 100 rescued horses and donkeys are offered a safe home at Redwings Horse Sanctuary every year, but did you know the charity must remain silent about the majority of those in its care?

Redwings has launched its latest appeal, called Untold Stories, highlighting the hundreds of horses in its care whose tales it cannot tell due to ongoing investigations, security concerns or other sensitivities relating to their cases.

In fact, in the last year alone, the stories of almost three out of every four rescued horses that came into the Sanctuary cannot currently be shared.

And just this month, Redwings supported the RSPCA with a large-scale operation in Surrey, which saw 123 horses removed from one farm. Redwings has taken in a number of these horses, but cannot confirm any details of their location, condition or care while investigations continue.

The registered charity, which is entirely funded by donations, is asking the public to help support these hidden horses, who are often the most in desperate need of care.

Lynn Cutress, Redwings’ Chief Executive, said: “While all may seem calm on the surface, our rescue teams are working tirelessly to bring vulnerable horses and donkeys to places of safety, but we can’t always talk about the rescues we’re involved in or those animals we give a home to.

“It’s incredibly important to us that justice is served for our rescued horses, but this sometimes means we cannot lift the lid on their stories until court proceedings have been completed, which we know can be frustrating, especially for those members of the public who have alerted us to cases of potential neglect in the first place.

“But behind every untold story, you can rest assured there is a team hard at work giving each horse a fighting chance at survival. And even while we cannot tell their stories, the public has a chance to be a part of theirs by supporting Redwings in any way they can so we can continue to be on the frontline of equine welfare throughout 2019 and beyond.”

It costs, on average, around £3,000 per year to care for and rehabilitate a rescued horse at Redwings. By supporting the charity’s appeal, people can help ensure those whose stories cannot be told have the chance of a better future.

To make a donation, call 01508 481000 or visit


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