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Tarzan Learns New Boundaries

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Heather Dodd

Since we last caught up with Tarzan and his World Horse Welfare groom Katie Grimshaw, his education has continued and the summer grazing has helped him to flourish.

The relaxed horse that enjoys spending time in the field with his friends is a far cry from the sorry state Tarzan was in when he was found abandoned and severely underweight.

As he is starting to mature the amazing care he has received at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre can be seen in his glossy coat.

Tarzan has been making progress with his in-hand work, with Katie focusing on teaching him to respect the space between himself and his handler. Being a young horse he can sometimes be slightly boisterous so spatial awareness is essential for his future development into a well-mannered horse, which will help him to secure a forever home in the future.

When teaching Tarzan boundaries the emphasis is always to try and make the session’s fun and interesting to maintain his concentration.  He has been introduced to pole work in the indoor school which has increased his confidence when working with a handler from the ground. As Tarzan is still only two-years-old this type of work is kept to a minimum to limit the pressure on him while he is still growing.

During the summer Tarzan has enjoyed spending time in the field forming an adorable friendship with fellow Penny Farm rescue horse, Percy.

The Benefits of Rehoming

Once rehabilitation is complete, horses go onto the World Horse Welfarere-homing scheme and are matched with a suitable new home whilst remaining under the ownership of the charity which protects their welfare for life.

Although World Horse Welfare continues to face desperate cases of suffering every day, they are heartened by the number horses that go on to find happy and secure homes, with over 300 being found loving new homes each year.

World Horse Welfare rehomes more horses than any other equine charity in the UK and rehoming offers many advantages over buying. Here we offer a few reasons why you should consider rehoming a horse.

You know exactly what you are getting – all World Horse Welfare horses come with health records, microchip and passport. You also get a frank and fair assessment of the ability and temperament of the horse, including any quirks it may have. The value of this honest appraisal and the resulting peace of mind will not be lost on anyone who has bought a horse from a disreputable market or dealer.

A safety net in uncertain times– World Horse Welfare rehome a horse for life, and want the horse to stay in its new home for as long as it lives. In these uncertain times, it is very reassuring to know that you can return the horse to us if your circumstances change, or ifthe horse is not suitable. No one knows what is around the corner, so it can save you a great deal of heartache if you’ve got a safety net in place.

The feel-good factor of transforming the life of a horse-rehoming a horse is an immensely rewarding experience. Owners often develop a strong bond with their rescue horse because they have been able to show them how to trust again.

Rehoming one horse helps another horse– every horse that is rehomed creates space to allow World Horse Welfare to help another horse in need.

A lifetime of advice and support– when you rehome a World Horse Welfare horse or pony, you can keep in touch with any queries and twice a year your local World Horse Welfare Officer will visit you and your horse to offer advice and support.

The Lifeforce Range of all-natural, daily digestive aid supplements from Alltech is designed to benefit horses of every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals.

For further information visit or telephone 01780 764512.

Tarzan enjoying time in the field with his friends, including best friend PercyTarzan and his groom Katie are making progress with his in-hand work

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