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U25’s Open Winter Dressage Championships at Bury Farm

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2014 by Heather Dodd

Report by Carol Hogg, photos by Paul Ruffle

The 10th Winter Championships were held at Bury Farm, Slapton, Bucks on Saturday 2nd March 2014.

Attracting 80 riders from as far away as Launceston in Cornwall and Beverley in East Yorkshire we were very busy.  We started at 09.00am and finished a little after 4.00pm.

Bury Farm EC offers superb facilities with an enormous outdoor working in arena and the Olympic Games Legacy Arenas for the outdoor tests. There are also 3 smaller working in arenas and a superb Indoor International Arena which is light and bright.

With riders from the ages of 8 years through to 25 years everyone was catered for.

The standard was high – the judging fair and encouraging.

Prizes were fantastic. Every competitor went home with a medal – almost every rider with a Rosette and the 18 Champions won lovely Rugs, Sashes and Rosettes.

We were very lucky with the weather which remained dry until just as the last outdoor competitor finished and the prize giving was held Indoors.

The main prize winners were:

Holly Kerslake
10 year old Holly Kerslake (above) on Millcroft Osiris with an amazing 78% in the Preliminary Challenge. Holly also won the Deirdre Scrimgeour memorial Plate for the highest BYRDS SW member.

Beth Barnett
Beth Barnett on 5 year old Don Johnson won the Novice Young Rider Championship scoring 77.50%.

Amelia Moncrieff
Milly Moncrieff riding DST Don`t Panic won the Fledgling Novice Championships on 71.72% and also competed in her first Pony FEI Test gaining 63.90% in front of List 1 Judge Kim Ratcliffe.

Also in front of Kim was YR Jezz Palmer riding Roland Tong`s beautiful Ultimo Hit to gain 69.34% at their first Young Rider FEI competition together.

More superstars at the U25s Open Winter Dressage Championships:

Joanna Thurman Baker
Joanna Thurman-Baker – riding Piko
Amelia Moncrieff and Geneva Low
Milly Moncrieff with friend Geneva Low who rode Tristram Blue.
Ollie Booth
Ollie Booth on Hilkens Gold Card in the Winning Team.

Our fantastic team of helpers were 2013 European Pony Team Member Rebecca Bell and her mum Caroline. GB European YR Team Member Olivia Oakeley`s mum Katie and dad Rob and former member Steph Pike`s mum Linda.  A great day.

We also hope to have raised £500 for OCCTOPUS – Oxford Colon Cancer Trust.


Preliminary 7 Fledglings
Judge Carolyn Alston

1st.  Poppy Pugh.Chorley`s Viscount .74.50%
2nd Jessie Kirby – Mojos Magic 67.50%
3rd.  Holly Kerslake – Millcroft Orisfor 67.00%

Preliminary 7 Ponies
Judge Carolyn Alston

1st  Maddy Whelan. Ode to Shannon 72.00%
2nd  Danielle Balsdon Reset Sir Lancelot 70.50%
3rd  Saskia Kemp – Derby Salute 64.50%

Preliminary 7 Horses
Judge Carolyn Alston

1st  Rachelle Harrison.Burlington Cascaletto 68.00%
2nd Victoria Russel – Boy 65.00%
3rd  Alyssandra Ord – Silken Bassi 65.00

Preliminary 7 Pony Club
Judge Carolyn Alston

1st Louise Gallavan. Coady Bay Florin  68.00%
2nd Holly Edwards Flying Beauty 67.00%
3rd Alex Juliet  Toby IV 65.50%

Preliminary 12 Fledglings
Judge Richard Baldwin

1st.  Holly Kerslake. Millcroft Orisford 78.00%
2nd Alice McCall . Royal Duke 69.20%
3rd  Poppy Pugh Chorley`s Viscount  68.80%

Preliminary 12 Ponies
Judge Richard Baldwin

1st  Maddy Whelan .Ode to Shannon  74.00%
2nd Danielle Balsdon Reset Sir Lancelot 68.00%
3rd Ollie Booth Hilkens Gold Card 68.00%

Preliminary 12 Horses
Judge Richard Baldwin

1st   Victoria Russell . Boy 64.50%
2nd Alyssandra Ord Silken Bassi   62.80%

Preliminary 12 Pony Club
Judge Richard Baldwin

1st  Charlotte Gallavan .Dereen Seamus 67.20%
2nd Lousie Gallavan Coad Bay Florin 66.50%
3rd  Amelia Fasth Westbrook Money Spinner 65.00%

Novice 27 Fledglings
Judge Rhona Chapman

1st Natasha Powell-Richards Goldfinger 66.72%
2nd Amelia Moncrieff DST Don`t Panic 66.07%
3rd  Olivia Whitelaw Twylands Tiffin 65.00%

Novice 27 Ponies
Judge Rhona Chapman

1st  Nina Ceruti .Stagmore Willow 69.64%
2nd Megan Barratt – Ballyboy Danube 64.29
3rd  Sophie Davies  Abbisfield Royal Sovereign 63.93%

Novice 27 Horses
Judge Rhona Chapman

1st Beth Barnett – Don Johnson  77.50%
2nd Louse Hunt Zamira  71.07%
3rd  Victoria Russell – Nicely Done Nutmeg 55.71%

Novice 27 Pony Club Ponies
Judge Rhona Chapman

1st  Molly Smockum Owen. West Clover 72.50%
2nd  Flora Boucher. Murray Mint 70.71%
3rd  Hannah Mears. Oakwood Butterscotch 70.11%

Novice 27 Pony Club Horses
Judge Rhona Chapman

1st  Phoebe Crumar. Glenkeeran Sally 73.21%
2nd Eleanor Grigg .Roskija 68.57%

Novice 22 Fledglings
Judge Danielle Steed

1st  Amelia Moncrieffe. DST Don`t Panic 71.72%
2nd Natasha Powell Richards Goldfinger 71.37%
3rd Olivia Whitelaw Twylands Tiffin 68.28%

Novice 22 Ponies
Judge Danielle Steed

1st Megan Barratt. Ballyboy Danube 71.72%
2nd Nina Ceruti Stamore Willow 67.24%
3rd Sophie Davies. Abbisfield Royal Sovereign 68.28%

Novice 22 Horses
Judge Danielle Steed

1st Beth Barnett – Don Johnston 75.52%
2nd Victoria Russell Nice Nutmeg 60.69%
3rd Louise Hunt  Zamira  60.69%

Novice 22 Pony Club Ponies
Judge Danielle Steed

1st  Flora Bouchier . Murray Mint  67.93%
2nd Molly Smockum own West Clover  66.21%
3rd  Hannah Mears. Oakwood Butterscotch 65.86%

Novice 22 Pony Club Horses
Judge Danielle Steed

1st  Annabelle Coppen.  Fair Sail 75.86%
2nd  Phoebe Crumar Glen Sally 67.59%
3rd  Eleanor Grigg . Roksija  67.59%

Elementary 50 Ponies
Judge Douglas Hibbert

1st Maddy Whelan – Vancouver 69.64%
2nd Katie Davies Tinkers Tomahawk 66.07%
3rd Lilah Gibbs – Sea Mingulay 66.07%

Elementary 50 Horses
Judge Douglas Hibbert

1st Geneva Low  Tristram  Blue 67.86%
2nd Zoe Golding B.Stoneyman 66.43%
3rd Anneliese Treadwell Goodwill Gamester  60.00%

Elementary 43 Ponies
Judge Linda Fiviez

1st  Verity Carpenter   Campari W 67.93%
2nd Georgia Twaddell Lightning Lumier 64.83%
3rd =Lilah Gibbs Sea Mingulay 64.48%
3rd = Maddy Whelan Vancouver 64.48%

Elementary 43 Horses
Judge Linda Fiviez

1st  Annabelle Coppen. Fair Sail. 70.69%
2nd Louise Hunt Cotswold Odysean 67.93%
3rd  Zoe Golding Ballingowan Stoneyman 67.93%

Medium 61
Judge Douglas Hibbert

1st  Lauren Darby . Mr. Samson 67.57%

Medium 75
Judge Linda Fiviez

1st  Lauren Darby . Mr. Samson 68.62%

Advanced Medium 85 –PSG PYO
Judge Kim Ratcliffe

1st Jezz Palmer  Ultimo Hit  PSG 69.34%
2nd Amy Nash Half Moon Revelation 67.94%
3rd Joanna Thurman-Baker – Piko 64.61%

Pony Rider FEI Team Test
Judge Kim Ratcliffe

1st  Maddy Whelan. Vancouver 69.23%
2nd Amelia Moncrieff DST Don`t Panic 63.59%

Junior FEI Team Test
Judge Kim Ratcliffe

1st Joanna Thurman-Baker – Piko 68.92%
2nd Lauren Ruffle Active Lady 59.46%

Young Rider FEI Team Test
Judge Kim Ratcliffe

1st Jezz Palmer  – Ultimo Hit  69.08%
2nd Amy Nash Half Moon Revelation 62.89%


Fledgling Preliminary Champion U21s UK Member

1st        Poppy Pugh .   Charley` s Viscount     71.65%

Fledgling Preliminary Champion Open

1st        Holly Kerslake             Millcroft Osirias          72.50%

Fledgling Pony Club Preliminary Champion

1st        Harry Corkett              Millfields Jackpot        61.60%                        

Pony Preliminary Champion

1st                 Maddy Whelan          Ode to Shannon          73.00%

Horse  Preliminary Champion

1st                 Victoria Russell          Boy                              64.50%

Pony Club Open Preliminary Champion

1st                 Louise Gallavan           Coady Bay Florin         67.25%

Fledgling Novice Champion

1st        Amelia Moncrief         DST Don`t Panic          68.90%

Pony Novice Champion

1st        Nina Ceruti      Stagmore Willow                    68.44%

Horse Novice Champion

1st        Beth Barnett               Don Johnston               76.51%

Pony Club Pony Novice Champion

1st        Molly Smockum Owen Westland clover        69.35%

Pony Club Horse  Novice Champion

1st        Phoebe Crumar           Glenkeeran Sally         70.50%

Pony Elementary Champion

1st                 Maddy Whelan          Vancouver                  67.06%

Horse Elementary Champion

1st                 Geneva Low               Tristram Blue              67.38%

Medium Champion

1st                 Lauren Darby Mr. Samson                 68.09%            RUG, SASH, ROSETTE

Advanced Medium Champion

1st                 Jezz Palmer                Ultimo Hit                   69.34%

Pony FEI TEAM Champion

1st                 Maddy Whelan          Vancouver                  69.34%            RUG, SASH,ROSETTE

Pony FEI TEAM Reserve Champion

2nd      Milly Moncrieff  DST Don`t Panic       63.59%            RUG, SASH,ROSETTE

Junior  FEI TEAM Champion

1st        Joanna Thurman Baker Piko              68.92%

Young Rider  FEI TEAM Champion

1st        Jezz Palmer                 Ultimo Hit                   69.08 %



Beth Barnett – Don Johnston
Maddy Whelan .Ode to Shannon
Ollie Booth HK Gold Card
Natasha Powell Richards – S.Goldfinger  Total 73.63%


Holly Kerslake – Millcroft Osiris
Amelia Moncrieff DST Don`t Panic
Jess Kirby Mojo Magic
Olivia Whitelaw Twylands Tiffin  Total 72.40%


Megan Barratt  Ballyboy Danube
Natasha Powell Richards. Windbourne Je Rev
Alice McCall. Royal Duke
Sophie Davies Abbis Royal sovereign Total 68.97%



Annabel Coppen . Fair Sail
Amelia Fasth Westbrook Money Spinner
Holly Edwards . Flying Beauty.   Total 70.02%


Louise Gallavan. Coady Bay Florin
Charlotte Gallavan Dereen Seamus
Flora Boucier. Murray Mint.
Molly Smockum Owen  Fiorine de l`etoile     Total 68.63%


Katie Scott . Micky Blue Eyes
Eleanor Grigg Roksija
Maddy Ellis Dunlade Glen
Ellen Carey Cosini       Total 66.48%



Jezz Palmer     Ultimo Hit
Maddy Whelan – Vancouver
Joanna Thurman Baker   Piko
Georgia Twaddell Lumiere                 Total 69.30%


Jezz Palmer     Ultimo Hit
Katie Davies  Tinkers Tomahawk
Verity Carpenter Campari W Total 67.69%

3rd    REIN BACK

Lilah Gibbs Sea Mingulay
Zoe Golding Ballingowan Stoneyman
Maddy Whelan Vancouver
Lauren Ruffle  Royal Lady       Total 66.71%


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