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Xena and Tsar Receive a VIP Visit

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by Sasha Melia

Following the hot summer,Xena and Tsar are enjoying the cooler temperatures as the flies became somewhat of a nuisance and they were both getting fed up of their fly masks.

Despite their annoyance at having to wear unusual headgear, Xena and Tsar have continued to make good progress over the summer months, spending lots of time chilling in the field and taking advantage of the grass, which is what they like to do best!

Tsar got himself into a little bit of bother while out in the field which resulted in him making friends with the vet. Whilst playing with the other youngsters in his field he suffered a cut to his leg when some over boisterous play led to him being kicked.

The injury was just a superficial cut that won’t cause any lasting damage and Tsar saw the vet for a follow-up check to access his soundness and make sure the wound was healing nicely.

The vet is also monitoring Tsar as he is concerned that he is possibly growing a little too quickly and his growth plates were looking inflamed. He will continue to be watched closely and have regular check-ups to see how he is doing.

Tsar wasn’t the only one to see the vet as mum,Xena, is also being monitored by the vet for lameness issues. Following tests to assess her progress, the lameness was found to still be present and, although the vet is confident that she will come sound in time, the decision has been made that Xena will unfortunately not be able to be ridden so therefore will be rehomed as a companion only.

Xena will undoubtedly make a wonderful companion as she has the most amazing temperament which she demonstrated by being so well-behaved throughout all the tests with the vet.

As Alltech is helping to support both Xena and Tsar, they received a VIP visit recently when Isla Baker-Browne, Alltech’s UK Marketing Manager, made the trip down to Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Isla had the opportunity to meet Xena and Tsar as well as their grooms. Said Isla: “I had the most fantastic day with the team at Hall Farm and was made to feel incredibly welcome.

“It is humbling to see the work they do, instilling confidence and trust in horses like Xena that have been treated so badly by humans in the past and Alltechis proud to support the work of World Horse Welfare.”

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Alltech's UK Marketing Manager, Isla Baker-Browne made the trip to Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre to visit Xena and Tsar

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